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Introduction to ADORS

"The new Assessment Data Online Retrieval System is a great tool to showcase Georgia Tech's assessment processes and to highlight the tangible improvements made to our programs.   From  my perspective as a ABET Team Chair and former program evaluator, this tool makes it very easy for a visiting team to see the tremendous progress we have made in recent years."  --Bill Wepfer

Welcome to the Georgia Tech Office of Academic Effectiveness’s Assessment Data Online Retrieval System (ADORS). This assessment data query tool is designed to give campus users real-time access to assessment data in a usable format that can be used to provide information for specialized accreditation reports such as ABET, project proposals to funding agencies such as the NSF, annual reporting needs, educational research projects, and a variety of other uses.

The databases supporting ADORS are constructed to permit comparative statistical tests to be performed on any two units, be it the same unit over time, comparing a specific school’s results to a college’s results in the same survey, or even comparing an individual program or unit to the Institute overall. For the means reports, t-tests, significance levels, and effect sizes (practical significance) are reported.

Further functionality supported by ADORS includes the ability to download any specific query as an Excel spreadsheet, for use in other reports or applications.

As we expand the Online Assessment Data Retrieval System, our goal is to gradually add multiple years of assessment data collected, including co-op supervisor evaluation data (we have over 4 years' worth now, by school and class level of student); exit survey data; commencement survey data; freshman orientation survey data; National Survey of Student Engagement data; and of course graduate program alumni survey data. This won't happen all at once, I can guarantee -- but it is where we're headed.

We welcome your feedback on this tool. Please leave comments relative to any further enhancements that would be useful to you and your academic unit. To leave comments, click on the Feedback link on the left side of the page and type in your comments in the box provided.  Thanks, and happy querying!


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