Housing Activity Space

Housing Meeting Space

Usage Policy

  • Students must reside in the building the space is located.  
  • Georgia Tech Housing Employees or Student Residents may Sponsor an event, program or meeting in a Housing Meeting Space.   Meeting Space must be requested at least 5 business days in advance.  The Sponsor must be willing to accept all responsibilities of the proposed event.  The Sponsoring Housing Employee, Resident or Organization Contact Person must be in attendance during the entire time period reserved
  • Student Residents and Organizations may reserve space one night per week, but no more than four times per semester.  Only Department of Housing/Housing staff, Hall Councils, and RHA, may reserve any specific space more frequently.
  • Meeting space is intended for business, instructional, and social use only.  The spaces are not for personal use.  All events must be in accordance with regulations set forth in federal, state and local laws. Occupancy requirements strictly enforced.
  • The Sponsor is responsible for ensuring the meeting is in accordance with all policies and regulations set forth by Georgia Tech and the Department of Housing including, but not limited to, policies concerning alcohol, smoking, candles/incense, door propping, noise control, and guest escorts.  All events must be open to residents.  Groups using space may not charge admission or sell good and services.  Access is limited to the space reserved and approved. 
  • No space is officially reserved until Sponsoring Contact Person has received a confirmation e-mail from the Office of Conference Services.  Copy of confirmation e-mail must be brought to event for verification.  All requests for space are subject to approval by a Professional Staff Member of Conference Services.  Conference Services, on behalf of The Department of Housing, reserves the right to limit or deny usage.  Cancellation and NO Show policies will be outlined in the confirmation e-mail.
  • Confirmation e-mail will include instructions for unlocking and locking of rooms.   Confirmation e-mail will be copied to appropriate Housing Hall Director, Area Manager, and Community Office Manager.  The Contact Person is required to sign for any needed access key and will be responsible for its return. Key(s) must be returned to the specified community office during normal business hours.
  • Confirmation e-mail will include instructions for arranging any special set-up requirements.  If necessary, a confirmation e-mail will be copied to Housing Warehouse Manager. 
  • The Sponsor will be responsible for any adverse actions, behaviors and damages that occur during the use of facilities.  Additionally, other attendees may also be held responsible.
  • The Sponsor is responsible for returning equipment and set-up back to original condition and appropriate places.  Sponsor must remove of all trash and items from the meeting room or activity area when program is completed.
  • An inspection of the facilities will be performed before and after use.  Improper use of the facilities may result in fines, restriction of further use of activity areas, and disciplinary action.
  • Housing meeting space is not available for reservations Dead Week, Finals Week, Opening, Closing, and during Fall/Spring Semester Institute Breaks. Requests for Summer will be processed starting the first day of summer classes.